Central Texas Gardening 101

Today we woke up and headed to the Zilker Botanical Garden for a “Central Texas Gardening 101” presentation, given by the Travis County Master Gardeners Association. Master gardeners are people who know a lot about horticulture, have a good deal of training, AND are willing to impart their knowledge with the local community. The two-hour seminar was free and one of many coming up this year. I would absolutely recommend them. We took home tons of great information and eagerness for warm weather. You can check out other upcoming seminars on the Central Texas Horticulture blog. You might see us wandering around at these:

  • Growing Your Own Potatoes — February 13
  • Spring Vegetable Gardening — March 13
  • Become a Garden Detective — May 29

After today, we know a lot more about Austin’s wacky soil, when and when not to ammend it, and how to improve our compost. We also got a sense of urgency to prune, prune, prune plants asap. If it’s not 30 degrees tomorrow, I’ll be spending some quality time with the lantana. We can leave the compost up to Blair.

The biggest highlight of today though was meeting Shilah, a beautiful, healthy newborn baby girl. Congrats to our wonderful friends, Morgan and Jon!


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  1. So cool! Maybe I’ll go to some of those classes so I can become a gardener too.


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