Volunteering with Green Corn Project

This weekend we got our hands dirty with Green Corn Project (GCP), a volunteer-run organization we learned about through the Citizen Gardener program. GCP’s mission is to help Central Texans grow organic vegetables by installing beds for elderly, low-income, and disabled people in the community as well as for elementary schools and other community centers throughout Austin. What’s cool about GCP is that it uses the biointensive method and double-digging for planting vegetables, the same practices we use in our own backyard.

Saturday’s project (aka dig-in) consisted of us heading out to Lady Bird Lake and working on GCP’s demonstration garden. The garden was actually in great shape, so we just spent a few hours cleaning it up; loosening the soil; adding in compost; and planting spring and summer veggies like tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, and a variety of herbs. Whole Foods actually waters the garden on a regular basis and, in turn, harvests some of the veggies.

As a bonus for volunteering, we got to take home a few turnips and sprigs of marjoram. We also learned a cool tomato planting tip from our dig-in leader, Alissa. If you plant a tomato on its side, you can actually cover more of the stem underground to give the plant a better root structure. The plant will still grow upright with a tomato cage. We tried this when planting our east bed tomato plants today. (P.S. The entire east bed is now finished!) 

If you live in or near Austin, consider volunteering with GCP. We had a great time!

Green Corn Project logo


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  1. […] these plants are doing well because we learned a new tomato planting technique this year while volunteering for Green Corn Project. (The nice spring weather and rain can’t hurt either.) Basically, you plant the tomato on its […]


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