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When’s the right time to plant my veggies?

Depending on your regional plant hardiness zone, you may be planting tomatoes in March or May or some other time of year. In Austin (Zone 8b), mid-March through mid-April is the perfect time to plant tomatoes. You ideally want the temperature not to dip too far below 55 degrees at night. So, even though we stuck our tomatoes in the ground in March, Mom Kathy in Oklahoma City was getting her plants acclimated to some outdoor sun just a few weeks ago when we went up to visit.

Here’s an extremely helpful month-by-month vegetable planting guide for Austin, developed by the Austin Organic Gardeners group. You can use it all year round to determine which vegetables are appropriate to plant based on temperature and sunlight requirements.

Thanks to Allison, we have some great pictures of Mom Kathy’s tomato plants, all of which she grew from seed with fluorescent lamps inside her house. The rest of her garden is also very beautiful. 🙂

Kathy is taking great care of her transplants in the mini greenhouse.

Don't they look great?

Tyler thinks so.

 Happy gardening!


What happened over Easter?

After leaving the house for a few days to visit my family over Easter, I came home to a garden that I barely recognized. When did everything get so big? Also, when did Butterball get so big? 😉 Blair captured this picture from his phone tonight upon seeing my happiness.

From front to back: lettuce, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes, and Butterball

The biointensive method seems to be working well. I think the plants are also loving this springtime weather and visitations from the “garden cats.”

Happy Easter, blog readers!