Sighting of the first tomato

I couldn’t believe my eyes! There it was. Sitting on one of the lowest limbs of the plant, close to the ground. Our very first tomato of the year. For any gardener, this is quite a joyous occassion. Now I will carefully protect this little tomato from squirrels, birds, bugs, and horn worms as best I can (until I eat it myself of course).

Yesterday was definitely a good day. Of course I grabbed my camera…

First sighting of the Black Krim

First sighting of the Black Krim tomato

One of our other tomato plants (Costoluto Genovese) is more than 4 ft. tall. Lots of yellow blossoms but no tomatoes yet. Hopefully it’s not far behind. Blair stuck a second tomato cage next to it this morning because lately, it’s motto is “lean back, lean back.” (Yes, I’m making a bad reference to the hip hop song.)

Costoluto Genovese

The Costoluto Genovese plant and its growing pains

Perhaps these plants are doing well because we learned a new tomato planting technique this year while volunteering for Green Corn Project. (The nice spring weather and rain can’t hurt either.) Basically, you plant the tomato on its side, covering a good portion of the stem, to establish a better root structure. Before doing this, pluck off some of the small leaves toward the base of the stem. Those nodes you just plucked off will become a part of the root structure (nodes under ground = roots; nodes above groud with sunlight = leaves/stems).

Planting a tomato on its side

Blair demonstrates planting a tomato on its side

Planting a tomato on its side

The finished product (still a plant that points upright)

Next up on the blog: What happens when cats sleep on garden duty?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Ross on May 6, 2010 at 10:09 am

    Nice work. We’re pretty far behind up here in MN.


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