Sleeping on garden duty

We love our cats like we love our gardening. And we like our cats big, just as we like our veggies. Of our two cats, Butterball (or Butters for short) is a much better “garden cat” than Maya. A good garden cat is one that hangs by your side while you’re working in the yard, doesn’t get scared off by the slightest sound, and keeps other creatures away that may want to eat your veggies before you do. Typically, Butterball is good garden cat. Here is one exception.

Butterball sleeping on duty

  Actually, I lied. Here’s another exception. This may be turning into a habit. Can you blame him though?

Sleeping or sunbathing? Or both?

Whatever he’s doing, it’s not stopping whatever is trampling our potato plants and eating our cabbage.

Despite our small barrier around the bed, something managed to get in.

I propped the stems back up as best I could and pulled one stalk out to see how things were going. The red potatoes are looking good — one was still a bit small. I didn’t check the gold potatoes. Thought I’d better leave them alone.

Harvesting some red potatoes out of curiosity

Bottom line is, cats have a great life. And whether or not they’re sleeping or sunbathing, I’d love their company in the garden any time.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Maryanne on May 7, 2010 at 9:36 am

    I think he might be doing both…The garden looks like it’s coming along just fine…should be some good eating.


  2. […] 15, 2010 in My animals Citizen gardeners Blair and Andria have a backyard garden and their kitty Butterball loves to sleep in it. He is a large kitty. Here is a pic of his special […]


  3. That’s a great picture. As we learned from Mr. Martin: taking pictures of your cat is tough…or maybe our camera is really bad. Anyhow. The garden looks great!


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