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Name that melon

We didn’t plan to grow melons this summer, but our compost had other plans in store for the garden.

When you use compost, you get all the richness of great soil, but you also get some mysteries. When you throw food scraps into your pile, oftentimes those scraps contain seeds, and once your garden starts growing, you notice things popping up here and there that you didn’t intentionally grow. One of these mysteries is said melon.

This is the younger of the two melons growing. It's about the size of a large grapefruit.

This is the older melon. It's just a bit smaller than a football.

Our best guess is cantaloupe, but we aren’t sure. It doesn’t look ripe, but how do we know when to pick it? Here’s a closer look at the vine if that helps anyone identify it. Please help a gardener out!

Melon vine climbing along the bed's perimeter