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Santa Claus melon: The verdict is in

The verdict? It’s delicious.

So delicious that we decided to create a photo montage to express our happiness with the mystery melon.

Isn’t Blair such a good Santa Claus melon model?

Ok, now for what you probably were really wondering. What did it taste like? It was pretty sweet. It definitely didn’t taste like honeydew or cantaloupe – maybe something in between. I think we picked the first one before it was completely ripe. It was a bit crunchy, but good. Kathy even got to try a slice.

We picked the second one (and last one) just a few days ago. It was even better and juicier. This one tasted more like a cantaloupe, but I think it was still sweeter. It was much greener inside and much more yellow on the outside. After reading some of the articles you all posted to the blog, we learned how to tell when it was ripe.

 There aren’t many spring crops left in the garden now! Just a few more tomatoes on the Costoluto Genovese and a couple jalepenos still growing. We cleaned out all of the beds today (before it hit 100 outside) to prep them for late summer/fall crops and even got a few things into the ground! More on that to come…

Thanks for playing along with “name that melon.” You never know what the compost fairy will bring.