30 Before 30: Eat Local

Today is Mr. Blandria’s birthday! As our friend Hilary would say, he’s the “King of the 20s” (aka 29). This has got us thinking how quickly the big 3-0 is approaching, for both of us. We’re not worried about it though; we already act like we’re 50 at times. “60 Minutes” is one of Blair’s favorite TV shows. After all, 30 is the new 25, right?

Blair models peppers from Ross and Maggie's garden in Minnesota.

Our friend Janna senses the big 3-0, too, and even created a “30 before 30” list. It was hilarious and serious at the same time. “Decide when I want kids, eat at a Brazilian steak house, figure out my foot odor problem, etc.” This list got us thinking; what would be on our “30 before 30″ list?

It was Tacodeli that gave us a start to our list. Sitting there eating lunch one day, we were admiring all the local food lists on which Tacodeli appeared — winner of this, runner up of that, top 10 x/y/z. We noticed all the other local food restaurants on these lists that we’d always wanted to try but just haven’t yet. We live in a great city with tons of restaurants that embrace local food, and we wanted to support them (and eat some delicious food). Our list was born. Challenge ON!

DISCLAIMER: This is a very rough draft, and the list isn’t complete. It also comes without any research…we just thought it up on a car ride. But, we wouldn’t be embracing all that blogs have to offer if we didn’t get advice from other people. After all, we’re not foodie experts. 

The main rule is that we’re choosing places that at least one of us hasn’t been, preferably both. I know you as a reader have no idea where we have and haven’t eaten, so throw out the best you have. Give us your favorites. We’d love the restaurant to use local ingredients, but it definitely has to be local to Austin. 

  1. Top Notch Burgers
  2. Vespaio
  3. Hills Cafe
  4. Texas Chili Parlor
  5. Foreign and Domestic
  6. Wink
  7. Clay Pit
  8. Frank and Angie’s
  9. Uchi
  10. Odd Duck Farm to Trailer
  11. Cafe Josie
  12. Iron Works
  13. Ruby’s
  14. ASTI Trattoria
  15. Hyde Park Grill
  16. Hudson’s on the Bend – DONE (1-year anniversary dinner)
  17. Aquarelle
  18. 2 lb. donut from Roundrock Donuts
  19. Andiamo
  20. Food Heads
  21. Catfist Parlor: Reel Tasty!
  22. Dog Almighty
  23. Omlettry
  24. Dirty Martin’s
  25. Matt’s El Rancho
  26. FINO
  27. Olivia

Eat Local Week is right around the corner, too – December 4-11. We definitely need to check out the list of participating restaurants for ideas.

Until then, happy birthday, Blair!

Local Food Potluck at Barr Mansion

Local Food Potluck at Barr Mansion

P.S. We just attempted to pickle a lot of peppers from the garden last week, in an attempt to get ready for winter. We’ll let you know how it goes!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by hilstreet on November 24, 2010 at 11:02 am


    I want to go with you to Matt’s El Rancho because I enjoy their queso. It’s a drive though – we’ll need to play car games. It’s worth the gas mileage – the queso is better than the watery cheese sauce at Ted’s, Blair. Although I am not knocking Ted’s.

    I want to go with you also to the Catfish Parlor, but only if you get the waitress that works in manufacturing. She was so cute!


    • Posted by Andria on November 25, 2010 at 12:07 am

      You got it! We can count cattle on the way and google “Gene Neustadt” for a ridiculously long time. P.S. We went to an OKC Thunder game tonight. Didn’t know whether to cheer for Dallas or Durant. Can’t wait to see you and meet the little guy soon. 🙂


  2. Posted by Pat on November 24, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    HB! Blair! I hope you have a yummy local cake!


  3. Feliz Cumpleaños Blair!
    Since I’m already at the other side (32) I can tell you both from experience that turning 30 is actually great and feels awesome, so no need to worry there!

    If you are looking for ideas for your list, check my friend Jodi’s food blog:


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