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Saving Seeds

Although spring has technically only been here for a little more than a month, I can tell that our pleasant days and cool nights are quickly fading. Our cool weather greens can tell too. We’ve had what might end up being the hottest April on record in Austin, although it appears that May is going to start off rather cool (and we might actually get rain too!). Still, it’s too late to save our lettuce, spinach, and arugula, all of which have flowered and/or gone to seed. We decided we’d try to save some of these seeds, so we spent the afternoon clipping arugula pods and pulling off spinach seeds. I have to admit we don’t really know what we’re doing, so it’s possible that these seeds won’t actually sprout this fall, but we’ll see.

Arugula seed pod

Arugula seeds and pod

Spinach seeds

Spinach seeds on the stem. Google tells me these are female seeds.

Spinach and arugula seeds

Spinach on the left, arugula on the right.


Butterball in the garden

Obligatory garden cat picture